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Hiring a strata management company can be a helpful way to manage common property more effectively – so your strata committee may be thinking about hiring a management team. But what does a strata manager do? What is the role of a strata manager with regards to the owner’s corporation, and what are the common tasks they perform? Find out now in this guide from SpikNSpan Maintenance Services.

1. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Similar to property managers or a building manager, a strata manager will be responsible for coordinating routine maintenance and repairs of common property in the strata scheme, such as elevators, amenities like swimming pools and clubhouses, and all other such properties.

2. Keeping Custody Of Records

In NSW, strata managers must keep comprehensive records of strata activities such as copies of all correspondence, minutes and notes from committee meetings, voting papers, agreements between the owner’s corporation and strata manager, and other such important records. Typically, these must be kept for at least 7 years.

3. Financial Management

Depending on the circumstances, the strata management company collects rents and also pays utility bills for common property, pays for insurance, and pays for regular repairs and maintenance from administrative funds levied by the owners.

4. Compliance With Building & Safety Regulations

The strata manager must make sure the strata property meets all fire safety and lift certifications, accessibility requirements, and other such local code and safety regulations. Together with the strata committee, the manager may make assessments, recommend changes, and take on projects to improve compliance.

5. Interpersonal Relations & Administration

The strata manager is usually responsible for coordinating communication between property owners by enforcing property rules, mediating disputes, organising events and social occasions, and other such administrative services.

6.Setting Up & Administering Meetings

From annual general meetings to more frequent meetings, a good strata manager will be responsible for handling the setup, administration, and running of all meetings involving lot owners and members of the strata scheme.

7. Keeping The Strata Roll

This is one of the most important roles of strata management services. The strata roll is used for serving notices, and must include:

  • The owner or property manager’s full name, mailing address, email and phone number
  • The tenants’ full names, along with mailing addresses for each person, email information, and phone numbers

These must be recorded along with the plan number of the strata, building address, the bylaws of the strata, the total number of unit entitlements, and the names of the original owner.

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Whether you’re thinking of hiring a strata managing agent or already have one, you may also need a maintenance team to help with day-to-day maintenance and operations of your common property.

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