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As an employer your office should be designed according to the work culture. A modern office fitout or interior goes hand in hand with the employee performance and happiness. A work culture is developed and each of your employees will love working in their work space. Spiknspan is a Sydney based maintenance services company with an experience of more than 3 decades. If you are looking online for office renovations Sydney or building repairs Sydney we recommend Spiknspan because of our awe inspiring and unique techniques in interiors. We have the latest trending design ideas and customise it according to your office work culture.

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With our property maintenance Sydney team’s expertise in a wide array of office interior designing, renovation and property maintenance, we have put together a few great ideas rending this year for office fitouts and interiors. An employee excels in creativity, collaboration and productivity if he/she is comfortable in their space. The trending designs have multipurpose common work areas instead of the age old cubicle setup. This helps in utilizing wall space more and more. It is quite challenging for you to spot the right trend and balance it according to your work culture. The times have changed. Thus, we are here to help you with our ideas. Just leave the fitouts and interiors to us, sit back and relax.

Let’s start with the trending Common Area designs. According to most organizational policies, common areas are a must. They may be break rooms, kitchens, cafes, open work table for team meets etc. For a company that holds brainstorming as the key to their work, a common space leads to successful brainstorming and discussions. A large centre space filled with dotted pattern seats or love seats and coffee tables will be perfect for it. For people who want to work as groups, the teams can be separated and the table area and seats can be split into two. Two sets of seats one white and one blue or red and yellow or red and black is a classic combination of teams to split and discuss different ideas.

The second option would be to create a large round table with counters of lines giving access to employees who want to do a quiet contemplation or study. This place is also well suited for lunch meetings or a success-party or celebration of a team. A low scale office birthday celebration, employee promotion celebration, or a sales target completion celebration, or a pre retirement celebration, etc. may be done with this perfect round table spot. This place may not be suitable for long work hours on laptops or computers. Thus, avoiding it for such uses would be the best idea. Though this may be suitable for one kind of work environment, you may choose to customise it or expand it according to your organizational demands.

Another great option will be to split this large table into many small tables for two people or three person discussion. Not necessarily this table but, but many small work tables that allow a small team size to gather and discuss. They can also be partitioned booths that offer a little privacy but not completely isolate a person from the team. These common areas are flexible and facilitate easy collaboration and spontaneity for your employees. Keep reading our consecutive blogs for beautiful and trending office fitouts and interiors. Visit if looking for other services like handyman services Sydney.

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