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Whether you are designing a new office space for your business or planning to renovate your traditional office, you are in for an exciting project. This is a great opportunity to organise and design your office environment from scratch and tailor it to your company’s structure and needs.

Here are some options to inspire you for your new office space design. From structural, functional ideas to concepts focused on the ambient, you will surely find a new great idea for your own project.

Glass Walls for the Meeting Room

Glass is a key feature of modern office spaces because it lets natural light in and offers privacy at the same time. Frosted glass designs are used strategically to give employees privacy, without making them feel enclosed.

As the modern working space encourages collaboration and flexibility, glass walls and dividers are perfect for conference rooms, meeting rooms, and others.

Eco-Friendly Lounge Area

Bringing nature inside the work office can be a big mood-booster for your workers. An eco-friendly lounge area with lots of plants, relaxing corners, and even a self-service office library can take breaks more relaxing and pleasant. A plant-filled lounge area is also contributing to an organic aesthetic for the interior design.

Flexible Work Areas in an Open Space

As open-plan offices have been around for years, you surely found their advantages by now. But you can take this concept up a notch by adding flexible working stations in your open office.

By adding ready-to-use, various working stations scattered in your modern office, you will encourage creativity and productivity. This also contributes to a pleasant work environment and happier employees.

Stand-Alone Meeting Areas

An office interior with a lot of open spaces can be overwhelmingly empty. Break these empty spaces with stand-alone meeting areas where you can make phone calls or talk with clients. Enclose them with glass to make the space look bigger and brighter. The walls can be translucent or transparent, or a combination of both, depending on how much privacy is needed.

Outstanding Home Office Design

With more and more people working from home, the workplace design in their own personal space has become more important. Home offices can also be renovated and designed to maximise productivity and separate work from the rest of the house.

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Make your office an innovative, creative place for your employees and clients and be inspired by the latest styles of corporate interior design.

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