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Why is Building Maintenance Needed?

Routine inspection and maintenance ensures the safe preservation of the building’s equipment and structure. The goal of maintaining the building is to make the building safe and comfortable for the people/residents who use it. Usually, a preventive maintenance avoids building refurbishments. In case of emergency handyman services is required. Building maintenance services are generally required in places like residential buildings, commercial buildings, office buildings, Public buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, health centers etc. So the answer to the question, “Why is a building maintenance needed” would be to maintain the building’s condition, to preserve its value over time, to avoid excessive wear and tear of the property/equipments of the building and to make it safe and reliable for the user.

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Builder handyman with construction tools. House and house renovation concept background.

Thus, a routine check in the building as a part of maintenance is absolutely necessary. To maintain a building a maintenance department is needed. SPIK N SPAN is a more than a decade old building maintenance service provider providing service throughout Sydney. If you are searching online for property maintenance Sydney or building maintenance services Sydney, check our SPIK N SPAN website. At Spik n Span, we allot maintenance managers who come up with a customised maintenance plan for a particular service in a building. Our managers make a detailed plan, assign tasks and manage the team to avoid a sudden breakdown of equipments. Before hiring our services a contract is signed and the terms established. The technicians, caretakers, housekeeping, cleaning etc. are all managed by out Spik N Span team with the manager supervising the work constantly. The manager ensures the smooth running of the team member’s assigned work.

If the building is large and as a manager yourself, if you are searching for handyman services Sydney, we have a team of excellent handymen who have earned trust through their exceptional quality repairs, maintenance and installation services. We understand that it is difficult to find one that you know you can always rely on. Our team always arrives and completes their job on time. They are always appreciated by our clients to be courteous, neat and professionals to everyone on the work, be it a contract work or a one-time project. We visit the site on the same day as requested by our clients and turn-up on time as promised. In cases of emergency repairs, our handymen can handle it proficiently. Our prices are competitive and you get value for money. Once hired, you can rest assured of the quality of the services you are going to receive, that too stress-free. If you are looking for building repairs Sydney, visit us at for more information.

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Design Ideas for Office Partitions

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Today’s office space is more focused on the well-being of the employees, encouraging collaboration and transparency between teams and departments. Open office spaces have been around for years, making it easier for people to work together and get a sense of what others do.

But there is also a real need for privacy when the circumstances demand it, such as for dividing certain sections of the office or providing a separate space for client meetings, and interviews.

Glass office partitions are the best option to separate distinct spaces in the office, as they give the perfect compromise between openness and privacy. Here are some design ideas for office partitions that show the many benefits of using glass.

Frameless Glass Design

If you want to keep the open space feeling and look, then you should consider dividing the offices using frameless glass walls with glass doors. They don’t disrupt your view and let enough light in to make you feel as if you were in an open space. If a visual divider is needed, opaque doors (like classic wooden doors) can be used to offer that distinction.

Glass Partitions for Offices

In some industries, glass partitions between offices are not just a design choice, but a necessity. But, instead of going with the classic particle board that doesn’t let people see each other or get natural light, you can opt for glass partitions. They will lower the noise level and provide enough privacy, without interfering with communication or light level.

Room Dividers

With many departments and teams working on the same floor, room dividers are often necessary. Whether they are opaque, made of lightweight materials that are easy to install and disassemble, or made of glass, room dividers offer just the right level of separation.

Glass Walls

Glass walls are often used in office buildings to let natural light in. Natural light is extremely important for keeping employees healthy, motivated, and in good spirits, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a vast, beautiful view outside.

Glass walls are also used as an architectural element that contrasts with metal or concrete structures to create a contemporary look.

Stand-Alone Meeting Rooms

In many offices, there are separate spaces destined for client meetings. Other offices need conference rooms or employee spaces separate from the working area. A stand-alone glass meeting room does not disrupt the flow but provides enough privacy for those who use it. Frosted glass gives enough light while providing the necessary level of privacy to those inside.

Can We Help?

For more solutions on how to organise your office space and office interior design tips, contact the experts at SpikNSpan Maintenance Services. From concept to installation and maintenance, you will get advice based on decades of experience in office fitouts in Sydney.

Get in touch with us today on 1300 146 294.

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What Are Some Great Features to a New Office Design

Whether you are designing a new office space for your business or planning to renovate your traditional office, you are in for an exciting project. This is a great opportunity to organise and design your office environment from scratch and tailor it to your company’s structure and needs.

Here are some options to inspire you for your new office space design. From structural, functional ideas to concepts focused on the ambient, you will surely find a new great idea for your own project.

Glass Walls for the Meeting Room

Glass is a key feature of modern office spaces because it lets natural light in and offers privacy at the same time. Frosted glass designs are used strategically to give employees privacy, without making them feel enclosed.

As the modern working space encourages collaboration and flexibility, glass walls and dividers are perfect for conference rooms, meeting rooms, and others.

Eco-Friendly Lounge Area

Bringing nature inside the work office can be a big mood-booster for your workers. An eco-friendly lounge area with lots of plants, relaxing corners, and even a self-service office library can take breaks more relaxing and pleasant. A plant-filled lounge area is also contributing to an organic aesthetic for the interior design.

Flexible Work Areas in an Open Space

As open-plan offices have been around for years, you surely found their advantages by now. But you can take this concept up a notch by adding flexible working stations in your open office.

By adding ready-to-use, various working stations scattered in your modern office, you will encourage creativity and productivity. This also contributes to a pleasant work environment and happier employees.

Stand-Alone Meeting Areas

An office interior with a lot of open spaces can be overwhelmingly empty. Break these empty spaces with stand-alone meeting areas where you can make phone calls or talk with clients. Enclose them with glass to make the space look bigger and brighter. The walls can be translucent or transparent, or a combination of both, depending on how much privacy is needed.

Outstanding Home Office Design

With more and more people working from home, the workplace design in their own personal space has become more important. Home offices can also be renovated and designed to maximise productivity and separate work from the rest of the house.

Can We Help

The experts at SpikNSpan Maintenance Services can assist with your office redesign or with a brand new office project, from the planning phase to the last details. Contact us for professional Sydney office fitouts, and we will offer the best plan while maintaining the prices as low as we can.

Make your office an innovative, creative place for your employees and clients and be inspired by the latest styles of corporate interior design.

Get in touch with our team now.

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What Are The Advantages Of Using An Office Fitout Company

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If you’re thinking of renovating your office, you may be tempted to go it on your own, and use your own workers and contractors to handle the project. But a professional office fitout company is a much better choice.

With the help of commercial fitouts professionals, you can streamline the process of renovating your office or moving to a new space – and get up and running faster. Let’s take a look at the benefits of hiring a fitout expert now.

1. Get A Fresh Perspective On Your Space From Fitout Professionals

First, hiring an office fitout company can help you change your perspective about your workspace – and get inspiration that can help you create a better office space. Most commercial fitout companies have an interior designer on staff – which means you’ll be able to use their experience in fitting out office interiors to your benefit.

Together, you and your team of fitout professionals and interior designers will work out the best locations for employee workstations, colour schemes, accents and decorations, and other details that will provide you with a professional, appealing, and efficient workspace.

2. Follow Best Practices For A Better Work Environment

Office design is more important than you may think, particularly for your employees. The location of office furniture, available storage solutions, location of major appliances like copiers and scanners, and other such factors can have a major effect on overall productivity and office efficiency.

By hiring an office fitout company, you can make sure you take advantage of best practices about building offices and work environments – and provide your employees with a comfortable workspace that empowers your employees for greater productivity.

3. Enjoy A Hands-Off Approach To Project Management

With the help of a commercial fitout company, you can save a lot of time and energy. You won’t have to hire, manage, supervise, and oversee contractors on your own, or coordinate the project yourself.

Instead, your commercial office fitout company will handle the entire process for you. You won’t have to lift a finger, and can allow your professional team to coordinate every element of your office fitout. You can focus on other essential administrative tasks, such as moving employees or hiring new personnel for your new office location.

Need A Commercial Office Fit Out Company In Sydney? Contact Us Today!

If you need a professional company for office fitouts and designs in Sydney, SpikNSpan Maintenance Services is here to help. From redecorating to IT work, electrician services, plumbing, furniture assembly, general painting and patching and so much more, we do it all.

With our dedication to excellence, long track record of success, and customer-focused approach to office fitouts, you’ll get the best results – guaranteed. So don’t wait. Contact us online or give us a call at 02 9554 3394 to speak to one of our team members and set up a consultation right away.

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What Are Some Common Tasks Strata Management Perform

Hiring a strata management company can be a helpful way to manage common property more effectively – so your strata committee may be thinking about hiring a management team. But what does a strata manager do? What is the role of a strata manager with regards to the owner’s corporation, and what are the common tasks they perform? Find out now in this guide from SpikNSpan Maintenance Services.

1. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Similar to property managers or a building manager, a strata manager will be responsible for coordinating routine maintenance and repairs of common property in the strata scheme, such as elevators, amenities like swimming pools and clubhouses, and all other such properties.

2. Keeping Custody Of Records

In NSW, strata managers must keep comprehensive records of strata activities such as copies of all correspondence, minutes and notes from committee meetings, voting papers, agreements between the owner’s corporation and strata manager, and other such important records. Typically, these must be kept for at least 7 years.

3. Financial Management

Depending on the circumstances, the strata management company collects rents and also pays utility bills for common property, pays for insurance, and pays for regular repairs and maintenance from administrative funds levied by the owners.

4. Compliance With Building & Safety Regulations

The strata manager must make sure the strata property meets all fire safety and lift certifications, accessibility requirements, and other such local code and safety regulations. Together with the strata committee, the manager may make assessments, recommend changes, and take on projects to improve compliance.

5. Interpersonal Relations & Administration

The strata manager is usually responsible for coordinating communication between property owners by enforcing property rules, mediating disputes, organising events and social occasions, and other such administrative services.

6.Setting Up & Administering Meetings

From annual general meetings to more frequent meetings, a good strata manager will be responsible for handling the setup, administration, and running of all meetings involving lot owners and members of the strata scheme.

7. Keeping The Strata Roll

This is one of the most important roles of strata management services. The strata roll is used for serving notices, and must include:

  • The owner or property manager’s full name, mailing address, email and phone number
  • The tenants’ full names, along with mailing addresses for each person, email information, and phone numbers

These must be recorded along with the plan number of the strata, building address, the bylaws of the strata, the total number of unit entitlements, and the names of the original owner.

Need Help With Strata Maintenance? Contact SpikNSpan Maintenance Services Today!

Whether you’re thinking of hiring a strata managing agent or already have one, you may also need a maintenance team to help with day-to-day maintenance and operations of your common property.

And that’s where SpikNSpan Strata & Property Maintenance Services comes in! We have years of experience maintaining and repairing strata properties. Contact us online or give us a call at 02 9554 3394 to get a consultation, and see if we’re the right choice for your strata scheme!

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